Nearby activities

Adventure park

Located in Veľký Meder, Tarzánia Adventure Park with its 671m is one of the longest adventure parks in Slovakia. The park is designed for all ages (with a special lane for kids) and thrill seekers of varying levels. Take your family along for the adventure of a lifetime, by testing your mental and physical limits.

Sport fishing at white lake

Buy a fishing pass for the near white lake. You can have a nice day of fishing or just dive into the lake and have fun with your family, grill, sunbath or just relax. You can find it on the rod from Veľký Meder to Okoč.

Discover the greatest land delta of Europe

Rye Island is a river island in south-western Slovakia, extending from Bratislava to Komárno. It lies between the Danube, its tributary Little Danube and Váh. The island is a major part of the Danubian Flat. It is the biggest river island in Europe, with an area of 1,886 km², being 84 km long and 15 to 30 km wide. The island is an important reservoir of drinking water and an agricultural region.

Its fauna is characteristic and UNIQUE. This was declared by Jacques Cousteau, the famous oceanographer, when he studied the autochtonous species of the branch water of Dunajský Klátov. His film later created a sensation. Rye Island is the home of the world`s greatest freshwater sponge colony.

Danube trips

Get closer to the wilderness of Rye Island on a boat or kayak trip! Paddle with us on the branches of the Danube near Bodíky village – led by experienced tour leaders – from May to September! During the tour you might find dreamy places and see rare animals. Even hardened travellers will now and then be surprised at the fantastic, almost untouched landscapes (wildwoods) of Rye Island.

20km Győr

Hungary’s second richest town in historic buildings outside Budapest has won Europe-award for the protection of the historic buildings, in acknowledgment of the reconstruction of the Baroque centre of the town. Churches, palaces, museums, characteristic corner-balconies and narrow lanes, all reminders of a historic past, invite visitors to take a walk in the centre of the town.

20km The Gabčíkovo hydroelectric power plant

is built on the border Danube river and is the country’s largest hydroelectric power plant in terms of electricity generation. Even following Hungary´s withdrawal from the construction of the System of Water Works Gabčíkovo-Nagymaros, the Gabčíkovo stage is the same as designed in the original contract. At the HPP there are installed eight sets having an output of 90 MW each, from six of which the power is transmitted via an encapsulated 400 kV substation, from which outlets are transmitted to Hungary as well. By the HPP there are also ship locks of the international waterway Rhyne-Mohan-Danube, because the head-water channel to the HPP also forms a part of this international waterway.

25km The shipmill in Kolárovo

is one of our rare artefacts proving the creativity and ingenuity of our ancestors. It operates as a mill museum at present. It can be approached by an adventurous walk through an 86-meter-long covered wooden bridge standing on stilts, known as the longest wooden bridge in Europe. The shipmill itself and this unique wooden bridge are parts of the open air museum exhibiting local vernacular architechture. A small zoo with household animals has also been opened near the mill.


is located in Orechová Potôň and is a professional and versatile motor sports complex. SLOVAKIA RING gives our guests the unique opportunity to hone their driving skills, experience the rush of speeding down the track, perfect their techniques and soak up the excitement and freedom the track offers behind the wheel. The complex meets all FIM and FIA criteria for organising and hosting major international motor sport events, thanks to which SLOVAKIA RING has become the site for global motor sport events on an annual basis including: FIA WTCC, FIA GT Series, ADAC GT Masters, the Grand Prix of Slovakia for road cars and the Alpe Adria Championship. SLOVAKIA RING’s parameters make it one of the longest road tracks in Europe.


The gates of rescue station MALKIA PARK in Orechová Potôň were first time opened on 3rd June 2016. Primary aim is to create the most optimal living conditions for animals saved from circuses and not appropriate domestic breeding conditions.

28km Go-kart

Never stepped foot in a go-kart before? Looking to improve your individual skills or battle it out with the boys? Want to beat your personal best or simply get some laps under your belt? At GokartMania located only a few kilometers from the hotel (Győrzámoly, 9172 Hungary), they have an event to suit every need, meaning that beginners, groups and personal best-beaters are always welcome to test their mettle on the track.

30km Komárno

The majority of the historical and cultural sites, including the town center of the former Komárno, were well preserved and remain to this day. The county and town halls, the courthouse, St. Andrews Church, the Danube Museum, and other buildings are examples of some of the many historical structures still standing today. Klapka Square (named after György Klapka, the Hungarian general who defended Komárno against the Austrians in the War of Independence) and the well preserved remains of the fortification structure are Komárno’s main historical monuments symbolizing both the pride and resilience of this historical important town. The fortification structure includes Old and New fortresses at the confluence of the rivers Danube and Váh and the bastions from the Palatine’s line to protect the city from west and the bastions of the Váh’s line to protect the river banks of Váh. Komárno and Komárom were one city during the Austria-Hungary era, that’s why there are additionally three fortresses on the Hungary bank of the Danube river, Star (Hungarian: Csilag), Igmand and Monostor. Europe Square in the center purports to represent buildings from all parts of Europe. The buildings function as shops and restaurants.

50km Whitewater Rafting Adventure in Čuňovo

Experience a water adventure on the Danube River in Čuňovo!

Descents with rafting boats for up to 6 people at artificial canals length 360 – 380 meters. The funniest part – the Niagara Jump – is almost 3 meters in height. For minimum 5 people. The sixth member of a crew is a rafting guide. It is a very good experience, breaking your limits in this extreme sport. It is wild, fun, wet, blue, fast, and something you won’t forget!